Natural Refrigerants NZ is New Zealand and the South Pacific’s exclusive agent and distributor of climate-friendly Engas hydrocarbon refrigerants.

A natural alternative to prohibited, environmentally hazardous chemical refrigerant gas of the past in most air conditioning and refrigerant equipment country-wide, our diverse range of safe, non-toxic hydrocarbon refrigerants have a wide array of applications.

Developed over the last 16 years by Engas Australasia, these proven products are manufactured, distributed and safely installed and operated throughout Asia, the Middle East, Australia and now in New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Guaranteed energy savings

Running air conditioning units, chillers, coolstores, meatworks, dairy industry equipment, freezers? We help companies like yours reduce refrigeration and air conditioning energy consumption costs by 15 to 54%. Plus, by converting your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to operate green, hydrocarbon refrigerant gas you can reduce wear and tear on your equipment and decrease your company’s carbon footprint. Find out if clean, green hydrocarbon refrigerants are right for your business. Call us now. Or check out the six, proven Engas hydrocarbon refrigerant products available now.

Safe for you, safe for the planet

Hydrocarbons are used daily, safely, all around the world, in cooking, heating, personal care and transport applications. Sourced naturally, pure quality hydrocarbons won’t impact the ozone layer, are non-carcinogenic and can be safely substituted for chemical refrigerants like r22, r32 and r410a by adhering to the New Zealand Standard A/NZ 5149 - or by using the international standards followed by countries in the European Union.

Discover whether Engas hydrocarbon refrigerants are compatible with your valuable equipment. Talk to us now about a free assessment check by our expert, highly trained team.

Professionally trained engineers and technicians.

New Zealand owned and operated, we’re keen to spread the word about the benefits of Engas hydrocarbon refrigerants. We work exclusively with Engas Australasia to train air conditioning and cooling system engineers to correctly assess your equipment for compatibility with Engas refrigerants, and guide you through any necessary plant retrofitting. Meet the team behind Natural Refrigerants.

Kiwi Owned and Operated

Kiwi owned and operated, Natural Refrigerants NZ (Ltd) is located in the sunny Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, close to the country’s biggest port, Port of Tauranga.

Director, Rod Tindall, an experienced aircraft engineer, is keen to introduce New Zealand clients to the clean, green Engas hydrocarbon refrigerant experience. Your first call for all the technical details, Rod has the expertise to guide you through. Plus, he’s passionate about the Engas product range’s proven ability to reduce energy consumption, save New Zealand businesses money and increase efficiency, while being easy on our planet, the ozone layer and global warming.

Check if your equipment is Engas-ready. We offer a free assessment by trained engineering experts. Call us today.

Our vision

Our Vision is to rapidly grow our business through our understanding of the needs of consumers in diverse markets. We believe they require superior energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerants for their homes and businesses.

Our mission

Our mission is to make climate friendly and energy efficient cooling and heating technology available to all in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner.

We care about planet Earth

We’re proud to be New Zealand and the South Pacific’s only supplier and distributor of Engas hydrocarbon refrigerants. On a mission to save you money, reduce your power consumption and be kinder to our planet, we offer six energy efficient, natural Engas hydrocarbon refrigerant products that work for a range of chilling, cooling, freezing and air conditioning applications. Read more about our diverse Engas product range.

Knowledge is key

We offer a free, no-obligation assessment check by our specialist team of highly trained engineers. We make sure your plant and equipment is compatible with the Engas product of your choice and performs correctly, safely and with maximum efficiency. Get in touch now to find out how Engas air conditioning refrigerants can help your business.

  • "Subsequent use of the air-conditioning in the following weeks has seen vent temperatures down as low as 7.9 degrees, while the outside temperature is in the 30's. This is a cooling level that has never been achieved before, and most remarkably a very hot Porsche engine does not seem to have the same detrimental effect that it used to have. So thank you to Engas for finally making my mid-summer driving a more comfortable experience in an old Porsche"
    Horton M