We only have one planet. Let’s treat it right. Choosing an air conditioning refrigerant that’s sourced naturally, has zero impact on the ozone layer and saves New Zealand businesses time and money, makes perfect sense. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Engas to exclusively provide New Zealand and the South Pacific with a diverse range of quality, environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant gases for air conditioners, heat pumps, warehouse chillers, freezers and coolers.

Looking for an efficient replacement for fluorocarbons like r134a and r32? Clean, green natural hydrocarbon refrigerants replace environmentally hazardous chemical refrigerants of the past and deliver guaranteed, outstanding energy efficiency. Keen to save money and save the planet? Find out if Engas hydrocarbon refrigerants are right for your business.

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Why Choose Us

Pure, quality refrigerant products
We guarantee energy savings
Professional engineering and technical support
Future proofed hydrocarbon air conditioner refrigerants that won’t be phased out

Simple retrofit solutions by trained engineers and technicians
We offer expert training on the safe and correct use of Engas hydrocarbon refrigerants
Safety is our top priority
We find replacement refrigerants for r32 and r410a

Case Studies

Find out why more New Zealand businesses
choose Engas hydrocarbon refrigerants.

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Created by nature, not a chemical company
discover what makes Engas hydrocarbon
refrigerants the perfect choice.

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  • "Subsequent use of the air-conditioning in the following weeks has seen vent temperatures down as low as 7.9 degrees, while the outside temperature is in the 30's. This is a cooling level that has never been achieved before, and most remarkably a very hot Porsche engine does not seem to have the same detrimental effect that it used to have. So thank you to Engas for finally making my mid-summer driving a more comfortable experience in an old Porsche"
    Horton M